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Beginner's Online Face Yoga Course

A 4 week course, broken down into 24 videos, including facial workouts, massage and guided visualisations with affirmations, to boost your confidence, collagen and complexion! Mobile friendly for the busiest of women and includes a course support group to make sure you're getting the most from your practice.

1-2-1 Bespoke Face Yoga Consultations

Once you’ve booked your consultation with me, I’ll send you a pre-consultation questionnaire to complete – I use this to create a Bespoke Face Yoga Starter Plan for you. During our call I teach you the techniques that I’ve specifically chosen for you. Following our Consultation, I send you the recording of the call and a mobile friendly .pdf that includes all the techniques we’ve practiced with videos, explanations and a Face Yoga Journal to record your progress.


"I'm not beautiful like you, I'm beautiful like me."

Marilyn Monroe


Feel fab in 5

Feel absolutely FABULOUS with 5 moves in under 5 minutes with my Feel Fab in 5 Flow!

I highly recommend playing it with the sound on for the ultimate uplifting experience and I really encourage you to repeat the affirmation: I feel FABULOUS as you’re going through the practice.

I’d love to know if you try and it and how you found it,

With much love and gratitude,

Carolyn xx

About Me

Carolyn Lewis

Face Yoga & Skin health Consultant

Hi there, I’m Carolyn – The founder of Qetello Face Yoga, Skin health and wellbeing!
Qetello is all about using the power of Face Yoga, to educate, inspire and empower women to view their skin health from a wider perspective that includes, mental health, nutrition, hormones, lifestyle and product choices.
My passion for skin health comes from necessity! I had to find a way to manage my chronic eczema having been taken into hospital as my skin was so infected from head to toe – my hair and eyebrows fell out and I was really quite unwell.
It was a really tricky time in my life and I decided I could sink or swim, which is ironic as I lived on my boat at the time!! I chose to swim and learned as much as I could to empower myself to heal as quickly as possible.
I’ve taken an array of courses, presented by leading global universities such as Monash in Australia, Leeds and Liverpool in the UK and Harvard in the USA, on subjects such as nutrition, human disease and food as medicine and most recently dermatology, face yoga and meditation.
I absolutely love sharing my passion, knowledge and experience to be able to help other women feel amazing in their skin.
If you’ve not tried Face Yoga yet then head over to my website and take the FREE Discover Face Yoga Mini Course, with BONUS taster session– it’s totally free and will leave you GLOWING!


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