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Personal Branding Photography

Personality-filled images for your business to use on your website and/or social media. ● Magazine-quality personal branding pictures ● Relaxed session that puts you at ease and brings out the best in you ● Images that capture your message, your story and the feelings you want to convey, to help people to know, like and trust you (and say “I want that!”) You’ll leave with images that reflect who you are, and the confidence to be more visible in your business.

Boudoir Photography

See yourself in a new light with gorgeous portraits that celebrate this time in your life. ● A fun, empowering day focused just on you ● A photoshoot that celebrates you and your body ● Expert posing guidance so you don’t have to worry about how to look good. You’ll walk away with a set of images you’ll want to show off, and a reminder of you looking your best when you need a boost.

Body Confidence Coaching

I can help you with becoming the best version of you! This includes improving your body confidence, self-image, self-esteem, self-belief, self-worth, general mindset & happiness, rediscovering what makes you YOU and achieving your life & wellbeing goals. Hate being in front of the camera or seeing yourself in photos? I've been there too and know for a fact I can help you overcome it!


Gorgeous You Photography feature film

Here’s what we do here at Gorgeous You photography – I specialise in Boudoir photography, Makeover portraits and Personal Branding shoots for women, providing not only stunning images but building their self-confidence whilst having fun along the way! I have an all-female team and truly make the experience totally transformational. I believe passionately in helping women in front of a camera and empowering them to be more body confident – please look at my website for more information:

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About Me

Ginny Marsh

Body Confidence Coach & Portrait Photographer

Ginny Marsh is a certified Body Confidence & Wellbeing Coach at Gorgeous You Coaching and award-winning portrait photographer at Gorgeous You Photography, who has been working with women for more than 10 years to help them feel empowered and celebrate body confidence through Boudoir & Personal Branding shoots, and now 121 coaching and workshops.
She’s won multiple awards with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, and been featured in multiple magazines, newspapers, and podcasts.
Ginny lives in Farnham, Surrey (and soon will be also based in Yorkshire!). In her spare time, she loves to practice yoga and meditation, and singing in the Rock Choir, and on a weekend you’ll usually find her out in her kayak or swimming.


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