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Annemarie Strehl

Creative Mastermind - Branding & Marketing that's authentically You

Hi! I’m Annemarie, I’m from Germany but I never fit in there. So I travelled the world and started freelancing. Which totally changed (and quite honestly saved) my life and I’ve been on a mission ever since to support fellow female entrepreneurs to fully step into their power, own their voice and tell their stories authentically and unapologetically online through whatever medium feels most aligned.


My big passions are creating funtertaining videos and artsy photos.

But I’m a creative mastermind: meaning, I listen, I take in things and come up with lots of ideas. Be it content, be it stories or visuals. There’s always a movie and soundtrack playing in my mind when I’m working with clients. (That’s the ADHD brain for you.)


So in short: I try to encapsulate entrepreneur brands into captivating visuals that feel authentic while also being their biggest cheerleader for that extra energy boost to get shit done and put themselves out there.


I film & edit videos. I do brand photography. I help with social media strategy. I provide digital branding reviews. To name just a few things.


And I’m always looking to connect with cool boss babes. Get in touch! I’d love to just chat.


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