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Soul-Aligned Niching
Business Strategy
Authentic Marketing
Personal growth


Become an Ideal Client Magnet

A potent, jam-packed poweress hour to help you get clear on your ideal client so you can attract them with ease

Business Strategy Intensive

A strategic deep dive into your business to align, clarify & simplify, so you achieve your goals.

Strategic business uplevelling program

Exclusive 1-2-1 business and marketing coaching, consulting & mentoring, uplevel activation and support with an extraordinary blend of experience and expertise.

Discover your Niche Gold

Fully step into your expertise, discover your soul-aligned niche & uplevel your business - 4-month coaching program


Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction

Harry S Truman


A short introduction!

Do check out my channel with videos on aligned business strategy, soul-aligned niching and uplevelling

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About Me

Hils Crisp - Business Alchemiste

Strategic Business and Marketing Mentor and Uplevel Coach focusing on uncovering your soul-aligned niche, aligned strategy & uplevelling

I’m all about alignment and authenticity – for me and for you, personally and in business.

I spent too many years out of alignment working in the beauty industry and it made me sick.

After I started my deep healing journey, I retrained in various personal growth modalities and started working with women on confidence, self-belief and presence.

Later, I went back to my marketing roots and became a holistic business coach, combining Business and Marketing Strategy with mindset and energy healing.


I help women like you to find YOUR way, your unique gifts and your way of marketing – not tell you the only way to do something, as that may not work for you.

If you feel like you are doing all the right things but not getting the results you want and losing confidence in yourself and your business, I can help you get more strategic, uplevel, uncover your soul-aligned niche, and become the expert you’re here to be, so you can attract more ideal clients, make a bigger impact and make more money.

I work with; coaches, health & wellbeing practitioners, therapists, healers, spiritual guides, personal growth facilitators etc.

What to expect – 1-2-1 Business & Marketing Coaching & Uplevelling

– 1-2-1 programs; 6-month Strategic Uplevelling Program / Strategy Intensive / Become an Ideal Client Magnet Poweress Hour / Discover your Niche Gold
– Aligned goal-setting, strategy, planning & tracking
– Accountability, resources & support between sessions
– Mindset & energy clearing to move beyond those inner blocks such as fears, limiting beliefs, doubts, negative thoughts and emotions

Working with me will give you:

– Clarity on your niche, business model, ideal client, offerings, pricing, positioning & messaging

– Confidence to market & sell your services your way, be visible & make money

– Fulfilment, as you do your best work, what you love to do & get great results for your clients

– An aligned and authentic business, unique and perfect for you

– Strategy, a plan & results

– Business growth, more income (or whatever your goals are)


You might quadruple your turnover like Jo:

“When I came to see Hils for some help with my marketing and mindset about 18 months ago, I was stuck, stuck, stuck. I was relying solely on word of mouth but I wasn’t growing, I wasn’t visible. And I was feeling pretty rubbish and unsure of what to do to change things. Hils gave me the kick up the bum I needed. I’ve done other courses and coaching since, but Hils was without a doubt the catalyst to me changing & growing my business. I’ve quadrupled my turnover since that first day, & now get regular leads from LinkedIn – THANK YOU for kickstarting that process for me. I’m SO grateful for that. And if you’re a business owner feeling like I did at the beginning, go see Hils. She’ll sort you right out:)“

Or feel clear & excited again, like Mel, Shiatsu practitioner & Shadow Coach…

“The 1-2-1 sessions I have had with Hils have been second to none. She is insightful and incisive and quickly gets to the heart of the matter. I am now feeling really clear about my new niche & am focused on creating a programme to run with groups. The next steps feel clear in front of me & I feel really excited about my work again.”


When I’m not making business magic happen, you’ll find me enjoying my chatty little boy Felix, dancing wildy in a field, getting my green fingers dirty, journaling, doing breathwork or yoga or chatting to my higher self.

If you’d like to chat about how I can help you create & grow your dream business, drop me a DM.


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