Awareness Days: April

Here are a few visibility prompts and graphics to help you get creative in your content and stay visible in your business. Please feel free to download the graphics or create you own on brand graphics. There are content suggestions with each that you are welcome to use but I'd love to see what you come up with.

26th April: World Stationery Day



Content Prompts

  1. I love a bit of stationery porn, show me your favourite piece of stationery and tell me why it's your favourite?
  2. What pieces of stationery do you find my useful, do you have any useful tips for using stationery more effectively?
  3. How many notepads do you have and are they organised in a specific way or is it just utter choas?



28th April: Women's Wellness day



Content Prompts

  1. Share your own practices and then ask 'How do you take care of your wellbeing, mental, physical and spiritual?'
  2. What wellbeing practices would you recommend for [fill in the blank that's relevant to you and/or your ideal client] e.g. anxiety, mindfullness, stress, overwhelm, burnout etc
  3. Do you have wellbeing factored in as part of your routine or are you begging for scraps when it comes to taking care of you?



29th April: International Day of Dance



Content Prompts

  1. Share your own experiences of dance and how it benefits you
  2. Ask your audience how they feel about dancing, is it liberating or terrifying? Does it bring up nostalgia and feelings of being free like a child or are they consumed by self judgement?
  3. When was the last time you danced?