WWS: Chanting, Meditation and Affirmations for Sacral Chakra Activation

with Sarah Haté (12 min watch)


We begin by chanting the seed sound of the sacral chakra, before visualising our womb space to connect to our creativity, emotions and femininity, and finishing with affirmations to improve our relationship with SOUL.

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Sarah_Brigid_Brown_headshot-removebg-preview - Sarah Brown


Sarah is your SOUL* Connection Healer and Mentor as well as a teacher, coach, author, and speaker. *SOUL stands for Self, Others, the Universe, Life
She is passionate about helping empathetic women who identify as people pleasers, perfectionists, and high achievers to get to the root of their imbalance, disconnection, and misalignment, through neuro-linguistic, emotional and energy healing so that they can have healthy relationships with themselves and with others.

Since training back in 2016, Sarah has inspired hundreds of women to connect to the Universe and live a life free of guilt, judgement, and fear. She does this by accompanying them on a journey to shift their past narrative, release their pain, and awaken to their truth. This leads them to put an end to the toxic relationships they have, especially with their mother, get clear on their true desire, and be brave enough to connect to their own wisdom, inner strength, and power to finally become leaders of their best lives.

Website: https://www.sbhmentoring.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SarahHCoaching/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/SoFreeCoaching

BOOK A CALL WITH SARAH: https://tidycal.com/sbhmentoring/book-your-soul-call