Design like a Pro using Canva

with Gemma Storey
Are you ready to learn Canva from a Canva Certified Creative & Brand Designer? Are you ready to learn smart workflow tricks that will save you time? Are you ready to create better designs in less time and without the headaches?

You will not only learn how to create great designs with Canva, but you will learn a smart workflow and templating approach that will continually save you time and help you streamline your content marketing.

01 - Set up your brand kit & understand why it's important
02 - Learn 3 of my top design tricks
03 - Create well-branded graphics for your social media




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Gemma is a Brand Alchemist from the magical realm of Infinity Creative and Head Witch of the Canva Coven, where she believes your dreams are limitless.

Her speciality is conjuring up the puuurrfect branding love potion to help you fall back in love with your business again. Infusing her wisdom of design and astrology, she’ll decode your stars and manifest your vision by crafting an authentic and star aligned brand that’ll attract your soul tribe.

Gemma loves to work with heart-centred, female muggles, who are ready to invest in themselves and level up in their business, to stand out online as the go-to in their industry.

Gemma believes in following “Your North Star” and it’s her mission to take businesswomen on this creative adventure, to get their soul truly aligned to their purpose and branding, empowering them to make a positive impact on the world.

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“Lauren's whole approach to networking is a breath of fresh air and so refreshingly different to the fast paced pitching in other groups. At my first event I met a future client and went on to write her website content for her!.”