Somatic Movement for Emotional Release (27 mins)

with Hedi Sramko

Experience the soft but powerful energy of Hedi Sramko who'll be guiding us through a gentle somatic journey to release stuck energy and emotions from the body. Somatics is very much about energetic exploration, within & around the body.

Through deepening our connection with the subtle sensations of our bodies, we can identify subconscious blocks & stuck-ness that are present inside the fabric of our human vessel.

The beauty of this intuitive movement exploration is that you are not required to think about or even understand your specific issue, it can all shift as you move to the music. It can often feel cathartic due to the energetic release but at a minimum you will feel more grounded & clear headed after the session. People often say that the weight of their busy mind has lifted & they feel more at peace.

You can expect a grounding & relaxing meditation to connect with your body. We'll then move into semi-guided movement or somatic journeying. Music will guide us through the exploration & is there to encourage the movement of stuck energy.


Ste_Marques_Photography_HDSMKO_22_LR-01164 - Hedi Sramko


I'm a holistic life coach & spiritual mentor working under my brand, The Soul Works. I'm passionate about teaching people self mastery, self leadership & how to live in alignment with their soul.
The specific frequency I'm here to hold & teach is that of acceptance & how to move from conflict (inner or outer) to balance & understanding.
Mediating & diplomacy have always been my superpowers & my energy is primed to induce peace in those that feel at war with themselves or the world.
I work with spiritual & energetic principles, somatics & mindfulness practices to guide people back to harmony & create coherence between their soul & humanity.
Find me on IG & join my bi-weekly somatic classes:

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