Using Human Design to Uncover Your Beliefs

with Joy Schulz

Your beliefs are the basis for your behavior and yours were mostly in place by age 7. However, we usually don’t go back and re-evaluate our beliefs as adults, unless they are causing major issues (mental health, relationship issues, etc). Belief systems are also immensely complex so it can be totally overwhelming to figure out where to start or how to start looking at what you truly believe.

The Human Design system is a tool that provides a cosmic blueprint or map for YOU, all parts of you. While the tool is just as incredibly complex as us humans and addresses literally every part of you, in this class we will focus on our energy centers, the types of beliefs that correspond to each center, and how to take a closer look.
01 - What is Human Design and how does it help uncover our belief
02 - Understand the 9 energy centers and the how conditioning we've taken on affects our beliefs
03 - map for discovering your beliefs and journal prompts for each center


Joy has also created a PDF version of this workshop including all the journal prompts to help you explore this further. Hit the button below to download the PDF 'Uncover Your Beliefs with Journal Prompts'




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Joy Schulz is a Human Design Mentor and Life Coach from smack dab in the Midwest USA. When she’s not guzzling coffee and studying, she’s mentoring badass women who have been buried alive in their lives to decondition from all the “shoulds” and come home to truly are at their authentic core. Working together with her clients, Joy supports them as they gain the awareness and tools to make the radical, holistic changes that will unearth their inner joy and help them create their dream life.
Having grown up and been heavily programmed into the cult of fundamental christianity, Joy has spent the last 10+ years exploring the path of dismantling the binaries for herself and creating her dream life! As such, her life looks and feels nothing like the small, fearful one everyone told her she “should” live. Now she’s on a mission to help everyone else create their dream life and feel the insane levels of joy and peace it can bring.
I use music as a primary transformational tool to help Women identifying Leaders to Ditch the Stereotypes, Shift Mindset, Heal Trauma, Disrupt out-dated Behavioural patterns & transform their epic Dreams to Compelling Reality."
To find out more about Joy:
TikTok: @radicaljoyfulness
YouTube: (or search Radical Joyfulness)
If the information in this class has intrigued you or you just have that deep knowing that you want to know more, then its time to book a your own personal reading! An in-depth Human Design reading will give you awareness and insights into all parts of you, tools for navigating life, and a map for remembering who you truly are!
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