Inner Journeying using Movement, Breath and Music (23 mins)

with Lauren D Hughes

Music is a great medium for opening up the channels to connect with our emotions so come with me on this journey of self exploration to drop within and begin to listen to the soft voice of our deep body wisdom, our inner knowing, our intuition.

We start with a powerful gorunding technique, shaking to feel every part of our bodies. Then we'll have a short calming breath work session - contraindications apply for breathwokr, please see HERE).

And we finish on a powerful jounralling prompt to reflect upon whilst listening to an uplofting and inspiring piece of music. so GRAB YOUR JOURNAL, Get comfy and we'll begin!


SONG 1: Electric Pow Wow Drum (Shaking)

SONG 2: Bowl Sounds and Water (Breath)

SONG 1: Triumph (Self Reflection)






Lauren is the host of Affinity and is a huge advocate for the many modalities availabel for self exploration, discovery and healing.
She is an outdoor pursuits junkie, loves to travel and was once attacked by an elephant whislt trying to take a photo - what can I say, some people just hate having their picture taken!
Holding space for others, whilst gently nudging them into their 'stretchy' zones are my area of genius and always with such loving support.

“Lauren's whole approach to networking is a breath of fresh air and so refreshingly different to the fast paced pitching in other groups. At my first event I met a future client and went on to write her website content for her!.”