Intuitive Journaling inspired by the New Moon in Capricorn

with Sally-Shakti Willow

This week welcomes the beautiful energy of Sally-Shakti Willow, visionary writing guide and star priestess in training.

Intuitive Journaling brings us inspiration, connects us to our more expansive, intuitive mind and offers the gift of creative insight. In this workshop, Sally-Shakti will be guiding us into a practice that we can use everyday to connect with our intuition through journaling.

This practice will help to open your channel to receive clearer insights and prepare us to experience more juicy, vibrant creativity in our writing and our life!




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Sally-Shakti Willow is a Visionary Writing Guide and Star Priestess in-training. She has a PhD in Poetry and has been practising yoga and meditation for over 20 years.

She teaches writing and journaling workshops to help Visionary Writers Release Writer’s Block, Rewrite Your Story, and Rewild Your Writing! She lives by the seasonal cycles and practices intuitive Tarot and Goddess-Centred Astrology while training.

“Lauren's whole approach to networking is a breath of fresh air and so refreshingly different to the fast paced pitching in other groups. At my first event I met a future client and went on to write her website content for her!.”