ADHD: It's Not What you Think!

with Suzi Payton
An overview of ADHD and the different presentations. How ADHD can often be missed and often misdiagnosed in women. Time for Q&A.




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Suzi is a unique blend of ADHD, autism, Tourette's and OCD and is on a mission to help other neurodivergent folk recognise their strengths and make their awesome and different brains work for them.
She is passionate about helping others uncover their confidence and to thrive. With 17+ years experience as a teacher in mainstream and alternative education settings, Suzi now coaches ND folk, delivers ADHD & autism training to businesses, teaches comedy improv and speaks about neurodiversity on a range of platforms and to anyone who will listen!
Three main takeaways:
01 - Understand what ADHD is and how stereotypes can be damaging/misleading
02 - Understand how and why ADHD is often missed in women
03 - How having a strengths based approach can be helpful

“Lauren's whole approach to networking is a breath of fresh air and so refreshingly different to the fast paced pitching in other groups. At my first event I met a future client and went on to write her website content for her!.”