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3 Great Ways to get your Personality across on Social Media


So I know that lots of us find it difficult to get visible in our businesses. And yes a lot of the time it’s because we fear judgement and sometimes it’s just because we think we ‘should’ show up in a certain way. 

Poppycock I tell thee!! 

Those naughty mind monkeys are up to mischief, all it serves to do is stop us from reaching our fullest potential and living our truest most beautiful lives. 

So these little notes are just a few simple tools you can lean on to help you get more visible without overthinking it too much. 

So let’s get into it! 


Your audience will not connect with a weirdy, half arsed version of you. They will not connect a formal, stick up yer bum kinda version of you and they sure as shit won’t connect with a version of you that’s trying to be someone else because you saw them doing it and they rocked it.  You have to ‘rock’ being you. And actually when you undress it, take away all the conditioning and the crappy experiences of knobends telling you things about you that simply weren’t true you CAN ‘Rock you!’. 

Your people will connect with you! But not if you don’t show up! 


Let’s get into it


#1 GIFs!!!

Love em’ or hate ‘em they are one of the quickest ways to convey your sense of humour to your audience. They are also incredibly eye-catching and when accompanying your written posts could increase engagement. 

Now I’m not suggesting that if you hate GIFs (and believe it or not but some people do…weirdos – GIFs are my love language and I will defend them to the last!!) that you should force yourself, but if you’re on the fence, give them a try! Tip: you don’t just have to use them on your posts, you can use them to comment on other peoples posts too. 


#2 Images!!

When you select an image to accompany a post, it can say a lot about you as a person.

I intentionally choose women of colour in my images so it’s clear that I champion equality. Images that are floral, soft in colour and full of light might tell me that you’re feminine whilst loud colours and bold subjects in the images will tell me that you’re not one to shy away. 

Think carefully about the images you choose or at least notice the one you’re drawn to to share and consider what they might say about you?  


#3 Inspiring Quotes!

I love an inspiring quote, and if you avoid the really common ones and share the ones that really deeply resonate with you on a more specific topic then you’ll tell your audience a lot about who you are, your experiences, your values, your approach to life and so much more. 

So scan the interwebs for some great quotes that deeply resonate with you and share them (even pretty them up on a canva graphic if that’s your jam) and you’ll find that the people they resonate with out there in your audience might just be your people. 

I really hope you’ve found this helpful and I’d love to see your posts showing up in the group and on your own platforms. Don’t forget to tag me if you post these in the group, I’d love to see them!