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I'm so glad you're here because it means you want to clear on your messaging & talk about your business online in a way that deeply resonates with your soulmate client! I know you're ready to stop playing hokey cokey with your business, one foot in, one foot out, and you've decided to really commit to your business, your vision and yourself and I'm here to give you the next steps!

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Today's Prompt

'What is the change I want to create in the world and why?'

Today is an invitation to look at what you are currently offering in your business, to explore the reasons why based on your own life's journey and to deeply connect with your own personal sense of purpose (the contribution you wish to make that serves something bigger than yourself).


Consider the prompt and create a post for the group, sharing the change you want to create in the world through your business and why. Fill it with all the emotion and passion that inspired you to create said change!


CLARITY EXERCISE: A Deeper Understanding of You

Write down anything you can think of using these three prompts;

  1. What drives me / what fills my cup?
  2. What are my Values?
  3. What contribution do I want to make?


If you want to take this further, at your own pace. I'd recommend this activity as you'll make connection you may not have made previously and it will bring added depth to your story.

Write three columns;

  1. Your values. Everything you stand for, what's most important to you and things you absolutely will NOT stand for.
  2. The change you want to create. Big or small, direct (you to client) or indirect (further reaching beyond your client), jot it down here.
  3. Your life experiences. All that's contributed to you starting this business and committing to this purpose, big or small, good or bad.
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Today's Prompt

'What's my soulmate clients narrative?'

We're not getting hung up on demographics like age and education. Today is all about really getting to know the person you want to serve and understanding their inner narrative will enable to you focus your language, content and underpinning message so it's less of a scattergun approach and instead lands directly with the ones you want to attract over and over again.


Think of a problem that you've had, that your soulmate client still struggles with. Talk about your own personal experience of the problem. Consider the following; how it made you feel about yourself, what it prevented you from doing/achieving, the emotions that arose around it, the knock on effect/further problems it caused etc. And then talk about how you resolved it.

You can use the clarity exercise to tie your experience in with theirs and use more of their language to describe your experience and learnings.


CLARITY EXERCISE: Explore their narrative.

Step into the mind of your soulmate client and see the world from their perspective. Consider conversations with previous or current clients - things they mention over again, frequently asked questions and even perhaps your own experience of the problem before you found the answer.

Then note down the common phrases they use both internally and externally, when sppeaking to others.


the stories they tell themselves
the thoughts that wake them at 5am
the narrative they’re running about their problem
any fears they have
things they believe about themselves etc.
To help you really 'step in', write each phrase down in the first person i.e. 'I don't believe I'm....', 'I'm afraid that....', 'What if....', 'It'll be better when....', 'I can't....' etc..


A couple of others ways to reveal your ideal clients narrative;

What do I notice my clients often saying to me? What comes up in conversation (in person and online)?
What are my frequently asked questions?


Here's where you really start to see the world from your soulmate clients perspective. Consider they worldview.

Create a dream cloud diagram of your soulmate client with their name at the centre (give them a name) and these categories surrounding it;

  1. Personality. List a few key personality markers so you know who you're speaking to and how to communicate with them
  2. Values. What is most important to them, what do they stand for?
  3. Beliefs. As above, note down the phrases they use internally and externally, the stories they tell themselves, the thoughts that wake them at 5am, the narrative they’re running about their problems, fears, things they believe about themselves etc.
  4. Problems. Focus on the ones you can help them with. What is their 'Point A'? Where are they now? What are the effects fof the problem?
  5. Desired Outcomes. What is their 'point B' destination? Where do they want to be?
  6. Needs. Do they have any needs that you can specifically cater to, when working with them (but also before they sign up to work with you?) i.e. neurodiversity, physical challenges, learning styles, communication methdos etc.
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Today's Prompt

'What is the #1 problem I solve for my soulmate client?'

Most of us solve a number of problems for our clients but today we're focusing in on the biggest, most obvious one.

This activity is designed to help you understand the problem in greater depth by seeing the differentiation between the problem and its symptoms so you can talk about it fluidly and convey it with explicit clarity so when your soulmate client sees your content they see themselves immediately.


Write a post listing the symptoms that your ideal client experiences in relation to the problem you solve. These will be the day to day frustrations, hinderances, annoyances, experiences, barriers, beliefs, emotions etc that they are painfully aware of.

And I’d love to know, in your post, if this activity has shifted the way you think about your ideal client's problem? Are you going to let your content evolve to speak more to the symptoms going forward?



Create a spreadsheet with two columns and explore each individual problem you solve for your client;

Problem. This is what we offer a solution to with our offer
Symptom. This is what our soulmate client thinks is the problem (it may be the same, depending on their level of awareness)


Head back to your spreadsheet and add an additional three columns;

Outcome. This is what their life looks like after working with us
Benefits. These are the further reaching benefits of the outcome
Objections. These are the things that hold them back from committing to work with us
Now you can explore each aspect of each problem and this will give you TONS of great (and most importantly, relevant) content!

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Today's Prompt

'What is my Soulmate Client's first port of call?'

Today is an invitation to simplify your messaging, for you and for your audience, because confused customers do not buy, so you can review your visibility strategy to focus your efforts on just one call to action.


Take a deep breath, close your eyes and visualise your soulmate client sat in front of you. think about their energy, the look on their face, all the stuff you know they have going on inside. They're stressed or hurting, exhausted or deeply frustrated. You know you can help and you want to ease this feeling. To do this you're going to let them know that you have this beautiful thing, this offer of help that will serve them. It will bring them such relief. Now imagine their weight lifting and their face softening and know that you did that.

That's what your promo posts are for! Take the icky associations away from the word, it's just a word. Know that you are here to serve.

So today I'd love you to write your promo post and include the following (6 sentences or short paragraphs);

PART 1 - A spectacular opening line to grab our attention
PART 2 - Pinpoint the symptom you'd like to help them with
PART 3 - Demonstrate why you the one to help them (personal story/experience, expertise, accreditation)
PART 4 - And then briefly describe the outcome but go into more depth talking about the benefits of the outcome  (what solving this problem means for them in the grander scheme)
PART 5 - Share a single line from a testimonial that's relevant to your text
PART 6 - Then tell us exactly where you want us to go/what you want us to do

What is my primary offer?
What are the outcomes and benefits of my offer?
How do they access my offer?
What resistance do I have to creating this post?


Next, as well as considering yoru primary offer. I'd love to invite you to think about what happens next. Once they have clicked the button, registered for the free workshop/joined the community/downloaded the thing, what happens for them next/ Really explore your customers journey how it is now and how it could be improved from your ideal clients perspective.

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Today's Prompt

'What does my soulmate client need to hear from me to respond with a full body YES!?'

Today is a review of this week, of all you've explored and revealed. I'd love for you to acknowledge your discoveries this week and bring it all together in a single piece of writing. It will be your mission statement and when your ideal client reads it, they will respond immediately with a full body YES! because your ideal client is so drawn to you because of all that you already are, not because of who you can be for them!


Create a mission statement under 200 words outlining your values, your purpose, the change you want to create in the world and why. To help with the structure you can use these subheadings; What, Who, Why and How?



If you'd like a few prompts to give you clarity here, please use these;

What is the change I want to create in the world?
Who is the person I want to work with the create this change?
Why is this change important?
How will I create this change?


Either work with a professional sales copywriter or branding expert to decant your mission statement down into a POWERFUL new tagline for your busines sthat summaries your mission.