What does Alignment look and feel like in Business & Life

with Hils Crisp

With Hils' permission I wanted to immortalise this FANTASTIC live she shared in the Affinity Community because it's such a brilliantly succinct and insightful description of what 'alignment' looks and feels like and how to check in with yourself to ensure you're on the right track. Enjoy!





Hils Crisp, The Business Alchemiste is a Strategic Business and Marketing Mentor and Uplevel Coach. She empowers and supports ambitious women doing transformational work (such as coaches, health & well-being practitioners, healers & spiritual guides) who work online.

They want to get more clients and make more money with integrity but struggle with business strategy, niching, creating the right offers, pricing, messaging, promotion and sales, as well as feeling overwhelmed and confused, lacking self-worth, and struggling with self-belief.

She coaches and guides them on how to ignite their gifts, step confidently into their expertise, uncover and own their soul-aligned niche, uplevel their business, and get strategic, so they can do their best work, get amazing results for their clients, feel more fulfilled, make a bigger impact and, and achieve their business and income goals.



The 6 Essential Action steps to Attract your Next-Level Ideal Clients (and lots of them) https://hilscrisp.com/special-resources/6-action-steps-uplevel-ideal-client

“Lauren's whole approach to networking is a breath of fresh air and so refreshingly different to the fast paced pitching in other groups. At my first event I met a future client and went on to write her website content for her!.”