Lauren Hughes

I’m Lauren, I’m your Brand Visibility Coach. I’m also a Photographer and Videographer so I know a thing or two about putting your best self forward. But I want you to know right now, that your best self is always your authentic self!

I work with my clients to show up within their brand as their uncensored selves so their followers can connect with them in a more meaningful way.

Here, you'll find the five parts of this mini series but you'll also find each one with its own link within the library. These videos are designed to work in conjunction with Laura Colemans fantastic audio meditation series which you can find HERE but they are also available alongside your videos.



In this mini series you'll discover the main pillars to developing a powerful brand that has you at it's centre. This sounds terifying to some but once you have done the work around mindset you will be confident and happy to show up for yourself, as yourself.

Developing a branding mindset and busting your limiting beliefs

Understanding your core brand values

Creating your brands personality

Profiling your ideal client and why it's so important

Building a powerful brand message that connects in a meaningful way

01  The Branding Mindset

02  Your Brand Values

03  Your Brand Personality

04  Your Ideal Client

05  Your Brand Message

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