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Well hello and welcome!


I'm so pleased you’re here with us in the Brand Visibility Toolkit. This is your kit bag of resources to get you more visible with confidence, authenticity and ease. Everything here is designed to help you connect with your inner power and find the confidence to show up in business as yourself, for yourself.

I’m Lauren, I’m your Brand Visibility Coach. I’m also a Photographer and Videographer who has, quite frankly, a bit of an unhealthy obsession with other peoples brands. And I know a thing or two about putting your best self forward. But I want you to know right now, that your best self is always your authentic self!

So in the toolkit as well as receiving your monthly caption inspiration and bundles of beautifully curated stock photos. You'll also receive mini masterclasses that are full of actionable advice condensed into 10-15 minute video tutorials.

We’ll be covering topics from mindset to brand messaging, from instagram growth techniques to developing your brand season. This toolkit is not only about getting your business brand visible but also about developing a deeply relatable brand that really resonates with your ideal client. Don’t know who your ideal client is yet? Don't worry, we’ll cover that too!




The Private Facebook Group

Make sure you come join the facebook community HERE! It's a wonderful community of like minded women. It's supportive and nurturing and negativity is outlawed. I want you to know that, through the Facebook Community, you can get direct help and support with any problems you may be having in your business and branding. 

Just post a question any time of day or night! I will always respond but often the wisdom of the group can add even more insight. Don't be afraid, just ask.


The Library

You can use the library to find anything and everything you need. All your new resources and materials upload to here as well as to their own pages. You can use the filter system to narrow down your search if you need something specific. 

You’ll find your masterclasses, guest tutorials, visibility bundles and blog posts in the library and your library will grow every month with your membership.


Visibility Bundles

So moving on to your visibility bundle. You’ll get a new bundle every thirty days so be sure to download them as they arrive so you can keep them forever.

The visibility prompts are here to give you a mixture of ‘fill in the blanks’ type posts as well as more informative activities to really get you using a branding approach when showing up online. They’re specially designed to garner lots more engagement from your followers so you no longer feel like you’re shouting out into the void and no one is hearing you.

You’ll get 15 of these a month so you can use one every other day, or however you like, in a way that works for you and your business. They’re designed to stretch you a little whilst also giving you ideas for getting more visible. 

They only take a few minutes each but will help you grow your brand awareness and give you more confidence in showing up.

And whenever you're feeling stuck for what to post in terms of visuals then dip into your image bundle, grab a photo and post away! As a bonus you’ll also get periodical collections of graphics and seasonal images too! These will appear here and in the library.


Your Masterclasses

On to your Masterclasses!  Now here is where you learn about your brand; how to develop a brand personality, understand your ideal client, hone your messaging, learn a new technique for fostering more engagement, grow your instagram or evenupdate your mindset and master the law of attraction!

There are just too many topics to cover here but they will all lead you to developing a kick ass brand that is undeniably authentic, memorable and one that relates to your ideal paying customer. Not only that but this area will also be positively bursting with actionable advice on how you get more visible, how to grow your following and how to generate more engagement


Guest Tutorials

Aside from your masterclasses with me, I’ve also hand picked some of the best minds to put together Guest tutorials for you covering the same range of subjects

You may find a one off or a mini series from your guest experts, but in whatever package they arrive, they will be full of actionable advice and guidance.


Group Coaching Calls

Now don’t forget to book your monthly group coaching calls, where you can ask questions directly to me and to the rest of the community. 

Use this to get clarity on any struggles, feedback on new ideas and discuss anything else that's working it's way around your brain.

Please just make sure you submit any specific questions when booking. 



And finally there are a few additional extras to elevate your brand even further.

These include online courses, 1:1 bookings and in person workshops. It's so important to me that you feel supported through this process  of growing brand you love and getting it out there online and if you would like further support through 1:1 sessions then you can book one off sessions at an additional fee. I want to be able to help you in any way I can so just drop me a little message if there's anything you need.

And on that note, whilst I prefer that everything go through the Facebook group because it means that everyone can weigh in with their experience and share the wisdom of a good community chat, I do also recognise that you may not want to post everything publicly. So, you can just pop in a question on the contact form and I’ll get back to you myself.

Now most importantly, I want you to start to see that getting visible with meaningful content that really connects is possible and with a little help, it’s really easy!

My recommendation would be to start with the Brand Fundamentals Mini series which is a five part series outlining the main pillars of developing your brand. You’ll find it under Masterclasses and in the library

Now go play with your toolkit and start developing a brand that connects today.